The superyacht Alfa Nero was sold at an auction for almost $68 million. The new owner of the vessel is the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt

The sale of the superyacht Alfa Nero for almost $68 million was reported by Bloomberg, citing the ambassador of the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. The yacht has been there since February 2022. According to the US Treasury Department, it belongs to Andrei Guriev, co-owner of "PhosAgro". The businessman's representatives deny this. The billionaire was included in Western sanction lists last year.
The head of international practice at Uppercase Legal, Ratmir Proskurnov, told Kommersant whether a former owner can reclaim his yacht. Ratmir notes that if the former owner is on the sanctions list, it will be practically impossible to cancel the auction results.

First and foremost, it is necessary to nullify the grounds for inclusion in the SDN list or any other sanctions list, and only after that try to appeal to the judicial authorities to regain one's property. But as we know, achieving positive results is quite problematic, Ratmir Proskurnov is confident.
"We remember the high-profile case of Oleg Deripaska, who tried to appeal the Ministry of Finance's decision to include him in the sanctions list, but the courts did not support him. The issue was that the applicant's side did not provide sufficient evidence to refute the inclusion in this list. It should be noted that the statistics regarding the removal of individuals from the US and European sanctions lists are quite unfavorable, to say the least, with practically no successful cases. It is rare to even reach the judicial stage, let alone obtain a positive decision, perhaps," commented Ratmir Proskurnov on the news.
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