Creditors inundated with deliveries: PickPoint's debt has exceeded 2.6 billion rubles

The bankruptcy of the major operator of the parcel locker network, PickPoint, which has declared insolvency, promises to be challenging for creditors.
The total debt of the company, mainly to Sberbank, exceeds 2.6 billion rubles, and the unprofitability of the service complicates the collection of the amount. It is not excluded that shareholders of PickPoint, including the structure of the French postal service Group La Poste and the funds "Elbrus Capital", may be held subsidiarily liable, but it will not be easy to obtain payments from them.

Creditors may try to involve shareholders in the debt collection process, but everything will depend on the legislation of the country where the shareholder structure is registered, clarifies lawyer Tamrin Darbakov of UPPERCASE LEGAL. According to him, laws usually seek to protect shareholders who are not personally responsible for the company's debts.
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