UAE off the FATF gray list: what this means for business

The UAE is no longer on the FATF “gray” list. Local banks will make payments faster, but also keep a closer eye on compliance with anti-money laundering legislation.
The end of February 2024 marked extremely positive and promising news for MENA countries: the UAE has been removed from the FATF (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering) gray list.

This event was followed by many enthusiastic comments that cooperation with companies in the UAE will now be easier, banks will conduct transactions faster, and there will be no additional time-consuming checks.

Are UAE businesses ready for the new “post-Sera” realities of the formidable phenomenon called AML compliance? This question was answered by head of AML UPPERCASE LEGAL practice Maria Ovchinnikova and lawyer Valeria Doskovskikh in the article of RBC.Pro.