The draft law on lifting the ban on "matryoshkas"

On July 12, 2023, the draft law on lifting the ban on "matryoshkas" was published.
Valeria Doskovskikh, a associate at UPPERCASE LEGAL, believes that the amendments will undoubtedly benefit Russian companies during the sanction period. "Currently, many companies are forced to adapt their usual economic activities to new realities through the creation of new subsidiaries, which naturally incurs significant costs. The relaxation will help companies that have not been able to cope with the sanction reality overcome the crisis," explains Valeria.

Valeria Doskovskikh highlights the risks of lifting the ban on the production of matryoshka dolls. According to Valeria, the ban was aimed at minimizing the risks of evasion of responsibility, including tax obligations of parent companies, but now the supervisory system sufficiently monitors the activities of companies, rendering the novella irrelevant.
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