Аналитика и мероприятия UPPERCASE

Anti Money Laundering and Compliance Conference

On May 22, the Anti Money Laundering and Compliance Conference took place, organized by DNY Communications at the Conrad Hotel Dubai.
Managing partner of UPPERCASE LEGAL, Alexander Kukuev, participated as a moderator in the conference sessions.

Mr. Hasan Abdulaziz Alhosani, representative of the Executive Office of UAE on AML/CFT, emphasized the openness of government bodies to consultations and exchange of experiences in the field of AML/CFT, including through expanding communication channels between the public and private sectors to combat money laundering and terrorism.

One of the discussion participants, Mr. Dilip Jain, Compliance Head at Ark Management, said, "The better the brakes, the faster the car can move, because you have better control over risks. So, if you have implemented stricter AML compliance policies and procedures, your business can operate faster."

For our clients, we have developed such "brakes" - "AML Compliance as a Service". Today, requirements change daily, and formal policies and audits are not enough - our product helps to constantly keep abreast, while the AML officer controls risks and proposes solutions.